Android kitchen companion

If you're into your food and love to cook then Bites is an Android app that's worth a look. View full description


  • Clear, tabbed interface
  • Automatically manage shopping lists
  • Supports downloaded recipes
  • Lets you share recipes via SMS


  • No images
  • You have to enter ingredients manually


If you're into your food and love to cook then Bites is an Android app that's worth a look.

The app acts as a kind-of pocket cookbook, allowing you to input your own recipes, download them from the Internet, and share them with friends via SMS. Bites is compact and easy to use. There are three tabs in the user interface: 'Recipes', 'Ingredients' and 'Method', and you simply use the 'Insert' option from the menu to add the info.

One thing I liked about Bites is that you can quickly set a reminder to buy certain ingredients. If you have a shopping list app, such as Trolly, installed on your phone, you can select the 'add to shopping list' option and it will automatically get added. You can also send ingredient lists via email or SMS.

Importing recipes into Bites is dead easy. There are lots of cooking sites that offer downloadable recipes via QR codes. If you scan one of these using your Android device, it will be downloaded and automatically associated with Bites, so that when you click the file it will be loaded into the program with all the right formatting.

There are a few improvements that I'd like to see from Bites. One major one would be to include support for images in the app. I don't know about you but I always like to see what a dish looks like before I decide to cook it or not. Another time-saving enhancement would be to add the ability to select ingredients from a food database rather than having to type each one manually.

On the whole though, Bites is a useful and practical app for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.